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Sulphur Selenium Oxytetrachloride, SeSO3Cl4

Sulphur Selenium Oxytetrachloride, SeSO3Cl4 or SeCl4.SO3, can be produced by the direct combination of sulphur trioxide and selenium tetrachloride. It has also been obtained by heating selenium tetrachloride with chlorosulphonic acid, sulphuric acid, pyro-sulphuric acid or sulphuryl chloride,

SeCl4 + Cl.SO2OH = SeCl4.SO3 + HCl,

also by the action of pyrosulphuryl chloride on selenium, and by heating a mixture of sulphuryl and selenyl chlorides at 170° to 180° C. in a sealed tube:

SO2Cl2 + SeOCl2 = SeSO3Cl4.

The product of these reactions is a fairly stable colourless crystalline solid which melts at 165° C. and boils at 185° C. When vaporised it is largely dissociated, the vapour density at 210° C. being approximately one-third of the theoretical.

Water decomposes the substance with the formation of selenious, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids.

The constitution of the substance has been represented by the formula

but Prandtl and Borinski consider that it is better represented as a simple additive compound, SeCl4.SO3.

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